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Nurturing Child Care for Infants

Infants as young as six weeks old are welcome at Children’s Village, where we provide a warm and comfortable environment with nurturing caregivers. We want to make sure your baby’s transition into child care is a positive one—and we want to make sure you feel good about it, too.

That’s why we provide parents with daily reports that detail feedings, diaper changes, and their child’s activities and mood. These reports help provide continuity between the home and childcare environments, and also help build communication between parent and teacher. Parents can even receive live updates through our online parent-teacher communication system, which allows them to check in any time they like.

During the day, infants in our care enjoy activity centers that allow them to explore early opportunities for learning. The skilled educators in our classrooms encourage growth and development through activities like “tummy time,” visual stimulation, and sensory play. But the foundation of our curriculum? Plenty of cuddles, and lots of one-on-one attention.

Of course, with all that activity, we want to make sure your baby gets plenty of rest. Our rocking chairs help soothe infants and prepare them for sleep. Individual safety-enhanced cribs also ensure your child rests comfortably and securely. Providing love and security is key to our philosophy of care.

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A Day in the Life of a Children's Village Infant

Download the daily schedule to see what a day looks like for a child in our Infant (Little Stars) classroom.

Download the Schedule