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Children of this age are no longer infants but not quite ready to romp with their older peers, either. At Children's Village, we understand this dilemma, and give these young children special handling. We believe that a careful balance of nurturing and freedom can help 1-year-olds make the jump into toddlerhood with their best foot forward.

Toddlers are full of natural curiosity as they begin to take charge of their world through emerging speech and physical dexterity. We provide our 1-year-olds with numerous opportunities to investigate their environment and experiment through play-based learning. As with all age groups, our primary focus lies in providing a safe, warm, supportive and consistent environment that enables this exploration.

The Children's Village high teacher-to-child ratio enables us to provide plenty of one-on-one nurturing for your young toddler. As in the infant room, young toddler teachers communicate closely with parents to ensure that they meet the emotional and developmental needs of each child, and continue to build upon lessons the parents are teaching at home.

But being a young toddler isn't all work and no play – imagination rules the roost in this age group. Dress-up costumes, pretend play props and building toys help these children take center stage. Your child can figure out what they like to do best and let their imagination run wild at Children's Village.

As our older toddlers edge towards independence, Children's Village creates a safe environment that allows them to stretch their wings and still come back for a cuddle whenever they need it. With reassurance, positive reinforcement and one-on-one interaction, our teachers help nurture these budding explorers as they develop the confidence to take the educational leaps and bounds that make this age so exciting.

The toddlers' daily schedule includes a mix of teacher-guided group activity and individual creative play in engaging learning centers that allow the children to explore their interests at their own pace. Physical play, both indoor and outside, is also part of the daily schedule.

We recognize that at this young age, children are busy, busy, busy! With that in mind, we keep our toddler/twos classrooms well stocked with hands-on activities that allow curious little ones to experience learning through all their senses. Age-appropriate art supplies, small motor manipulatives like stringing toys and pegboards and plenty of imaginary play props are at your child's disposal during free play.

By the end of this exciting developmental phase, our toddlers are a well-established social group that has mastered an amazing number of skills. They carry on conversations, show empathy for their peers, and play with, rather than just next to, their young friends.
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