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As parents, you have a lot of choices when it comes to child care. We think Children's Village offers the best of both worlds—a fun, play-based atmosphere rich in developmental opportunities for learning and growing.

Don't just take our word for it, though! The children that play and learn here have some good ideas about what they like best:

I like going over, under, around and through. –Maggie

I like to help Miss Katie do gym class.

Playing with shaving cream, Uno and chasing girls on the playground. –Cameron

Being a princess! –Tori

As parents, we think you'll agree that those things are all important for children. But we know they're only a small part of the picture.

At Children's Village, every day is an adventure of learning through play. Our children grow through hands-on activities that are not only educational, but fun.

Creative, individual play is balanced with group activities geared toward your child's developmental stage. We also think physical activity is critical to young children's learning (and fun!), so we offer activities ranging from structured gymnastics classes to free play with hula hoops, tricycles and climbing toys.

Come see for yourself—click here to schedule a visit at the Children's Village nearest you.
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