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What Makes Children's Village Special?

Children's Village

Our Mission

Children's Village is dedicated to providing children and their families with a high quality, loving, safe, nurturing, age and developmentally appropriate environment. We know that each child is a unique individual, so we have developed our program to promote the development of each child in the following areas:

Communication skills

We, at Children's Village, also encourage the development of positive self-esteem to help grow children who are intelligent and confident. Understanding that parents are their child's first teachers, the Children's Village partner with families to promote continuity in the child's home and school experiences.

Our Facilities

Children's Village operates two state-of-the-art child-care centers in Indianapolis and Bloomington. Both facilities are designed to be safe, secure environments for young children to learn, discover and grow while they are away from home.

From the secure entries and fenced outdoor grounds, to the caring, focused teachers and the nutritious, freshly prepared meals and snacks, Children's Village is a safe, nurturing place for your child—the next best thing to home.

Our Teachers

Children's Village is committed to providing the highest quality of care possible. Many teachers at both centers hold college degrees or Child Development Associate (CDA) degrees—a claim few local child care facilities can make.

Children's Village works to provide enrichment opportunities for our teachers who, in turn, provide the best educational care for your children. Through Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana and the TEACH Early Childhood Indiana project, we opened both Children's Village facilities to host CDA classes. Many of our teachers took advantage of this opportunity to earn their child care credentials.

Our Continuity of Care

Whenever possible, Children's Village offers individualized attention to each child by allowing teachers to remain with the child as they progress to new levels. By focusing on each child's individual progress with the continuity of teacher relationships, Children's Village is able to provide ideal, tailored developmental programs for all children, including those with disabilities.
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