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The Children's Village preschool program teaches more than educational foundations like ABCs and 123s—we also help your child acquire important social skills, manners and tools they need to communicate with peers and adults. As our preschool age children are becoming more independent and self-sufficient, we also help them develop the ability to function in groups. Learning to respect others, taking care of oneself and using equipment wisely and respectfully are a few of the daily lessons woven into our fun and engaging preschool curriculum.

The friendships that budded in the Children's Village toddler rooms blossom in preschool, often lasting for many years. Our children continue to learn social skills, expressive language, cognitive development, and fine and gross motor skills through play and exploration. Music and movement activities are continued and accented with activities big-kids-in-training thrive on, like cooking and gardening.

We think you'll find that Children's Village preschool curriculum reflects our teachers' understanding of what these active little ones need to learn in terms of various skills, information and concepts, allowing for adjustments for each child's individual strengths, differences, and interests.
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