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At Children's Village, our infants shine under the care of our experienced and nurturing teachers. We provide a warm and comfortable environment for infants as young as 6 weeks old and work with you to make your baby's transition into childcare a positive one.

Parents are kept up-to-date on their infants through daily report sheets detailing feedings, diaper changes and a snapshot of their child's activities and mood. This not only encourages communication between parents and teachers, it helps provide continuity to help bridge the gap between home and the child care environment.

Time to rest? Our rocking chairs can help sooth a fussy baby and help prepare them for sleep. When the sandman does arrive, individual cribs with mobiles and safety-enhanced transparent crib walls provide the comfort your infant's needs and the sense of security that parents so greatly desire.

Time to play? Activity centers that allow your baby to explore introduce early opportunities for learning. Our skilled early education teachers know how to encourage the growth and development of your baby, through "tummy time", visual stimulation and sensory play. The foundation of the infant room? Lots of cuddles and one-on-one attention.
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